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Cahit Kulebi,Melih Cevdet Anday,Can Yucel,Ece Ayhan,
Ilhan Berk,Cevat Capan,Ozdemir Ince, Salah Birsel,
Hilmi Yavuz,Ahmet Oktay,Arif Damar,Gulten Akin,
Guven Turan,Egemen Berkoz,Refik Durbas,Turgay Fisekci
,Erdal Alova,Eray Canberk,Ataol Behramoglu,Ali Cengizkan,
AdnanOzer,Sunay Akin,kucuk Iskender, kendi siirlerini
videoya okudular.

Ayrica, sairler sanat kultur ve dunya uzerine
kisa bir soylesi gerceklestirdiler.

Ihsan Ozgen kemence ile Hilmi Yavuz'a,
Ali Perret piyano ile CanYucel'e,
Reyent Bolukbasi cello ile Ozdemir Ince'ye,
Grup Zen, kucuk Iskender'e,Ugurtan Aksel arp ile Cevat Capan'a,
Sarp Maden gitar ile Egemen Berkoz'e eslik etti.

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Justin McCarthy is Professor of Middle Eastern History, and Director of the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Louisville, Kentucky.


Egemen Yayinlari, Istanbul, 1991, Second Edition, 1990 Sedat Simavi Prize.
Available from (send address and $14 check)
Aydin Cecen
Center for International Trade and Economic Reseach
Sloan 301
Mt-Pleasant MI 48859 USA

Summary: This study strives to investigate the dynamics of economic growth cum development in Turkey between 1923-1988 and the concomitant transformation the economy underwent during the same period. The analytical foundation of the study are, to a large extent, motivated by a systematic inquiry along the following three lines. First, how and under what conditions did the transformat in of commercial capital into industrial capital materialize in the pre-1980 period? How did the institutional matrix of the economy respond to this transfo rmation? Second, insofar as much of the cyclical growth the Turkish economy experienced since the 1950's is attributable to the fluctuations in public investment and in the ensuing excess capacity, how did this growth process shap e the development characteristics of the country? Third, what were the factors that prompted the breakdown of traditional import substitution policies hence the switch to export- led growth strategies?


o        Volume 51, Number 1 Winter 1997 (Available January 24, 1997)

(202) 785-1141


Soucek, Svat. Piri Reis and Ottoman mapmaking after Columbus. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995 (Studies in the Khalili Collection, 2) ISBN 019727501X price: $54 (hard cover)

Safwat, Nabil F. The art of the pen: calligraphy of the 14th to 20th centuries. London: Nour Foundation in association with Azimuth Editions and Oxford University Press, 1995 (The Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Islamic Art, vol. 5) ISBN 0197276040 price: $285 (hard cover)


TALES ALIVE IN TURKEY Warren S. Walker and Ahmet E. Uysal
"...a treasure trove of folktales, including all the extras storytellers hope for but seldom get." -- The Story Bag Newsletter Paper regularly priced: $13.50 TAAC's price: $10.00

MORE TALES ALIVE IN TURKEY Warren S. Walker and Ahmet E. Uysal
"...another step forward in preserving and in fact securing the very rich folk tradition..." -- Digest of Middle East Studies Paper regularly priced: $17.50 TAAC's price: $11.00

ART OF THE TURKISH TALE VOL. 1 Barbara K. Walker Illustrations by Helen Siegl
"...nothing less than the definitive work in this field." -- The Story Bag Newsletter Paper regularly priced: $17.50 TAAC's price: $12.00

ART OF THE TURKISH TALE VOL. 2 Barbara K. Walker Illustrations by Helen Siegl
"Combining the familiar and universal with the exotic and culturally specific, these readable tales should please general readers as well as scholars." -- Library Journal Paper regularly priced: $18.50 TAAC's price: $12.00

WATERMELONS, WALNUTS AND THE WISDOM OF ALLAH, AND OTHER TALES OF THE HOCA Barbara K. Walker Illustrated by Harold Berson Every country has its folk hero--real or legendary--and in Turkey he goes by the name of Nasreddin Hoca. Over the years hundreds of stories grew up around this hero; eighteen favorites are retold here. Cloth regularly priced: $18.50 TAAC's price: $12.00

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(Princeton Series on the Middle East) 264 pages. ISBN 1-55876-110-1 Markus Wiener Publishers, 114 Jefferson Road, Princeton, NJ 08540


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